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Entertaining and perceptive. A fascinating account from an inspiring individual.


My Life With Michael would appeal to any fan of the King of Pop, through to those working in and/or with a passion for musical theatre. It is an extremely interesting read whereby Lloyd really delves deep into his continued vision for Thriller Live!. What is nice is that relevant choreographic terminology is used throughout the book, so that dancers, in particular, will get a greater understanding of Lloyd's work.

Before going back to the very beginning, the book starts with the shocking news of Jackson's death and the effect it had on the Thriller Live! company in particular. It is extremely admirable to read how the cast pushed through a performance on the evening of the breaking news to pay an increased tribute to the superstar.

Lloyd doesn't come across as self-indulgent at any point in the book, just characterful and incredibly passionate about his affiliation with the show and how it has helped shape his successful career in musical theatre. He also interviews previous cast members, who provide other insightful information and occasionally differing points of view, contributing to a well-rounded view of the show's history.

Jenny Ell - Broadway World

Lloyd is one of the most important British figures in musical theatre and while 'My Life with Michael' is essential reading for anyone interested in becoming a West End producer, this warm and generous book is hugely entertaining for the countless anecdotes about the different incarnations of the show and the many people who have been involved in the show or appeared as performers in Thriller Live over the last ten years, some of whom get to tell their story in their own words.

Louis Mazzini - London Theatre

"Gary has incredible vision and insight and knows how to showcase theatrics, illusion, lighting and choreography to create a world class show. He shares his know-how in this book and has written something truly unforgettable."

Peter Andre


“Lloyd’s fascinating and insightful appraisal of a life behind the scenes, around the world, during his 10 year tenure as director-choreographer of the hit musical, ‘Thriller Live’, delivers, itself, an inspiring master class in the relationship between music, choreography and theatre. It is a must read for all aspiring young performers.”

D&J Arlon, Writers and Music Publishers

“Lloyd, a perfectionist of performance, explains how he transformed World Class songs into a World Class stage show. This is essential reading for anyone who cares about successful, brilliant musical theatre.”
Jonathan Baz, Theatre Critic

“Lloyd’s zippy and kinetic prose provides fine company on this engaging tourbehind the scenes of a long-running theatrical juggernaut. If you love Michael Jackson and the art of dance, this book is for you.”
Kevin Murphy, Writer

“A beautifully crafted blend of life in the music industry fast lane and the ever eventful world of dance and theatre, much like Lloyd’s career. Gary reveals what life is like as a director totally immersed in his work, inspired by one of the greatest legends of our time.”

Giorgio Moroder

The Holland-Dozier-Holland Story - a Musical

Gary is co-writing a new musical which tells the story of the inimitable songwriting trio Holland_Dozier-Holland, 

most famous for creating hits for legendary Motown artists such as The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, Martha Reeve and the Vandellas and more.

Further writing

Following the demand for Gary's first book, My Life With Michael - Ten Years of Thriller Live!

he is working on a series of fiction novels, based on real life stories in the theatre.